Get Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes

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The dark circles and the swollen skin beneath your eyes is a big issue among the young and old population. They generate us look older instead of so fresh.

The explanation for the dark circles, in line with the scientists, is the unequal distribution in the liquids in the periorbital tissue which will make it swell. Lots of people think that the dark circles around the eyes affect merely the old population, that is not true. The young population and teenagers will surely have them as well.

If you have this issue, no worries, there are so many natural cures to reduce or completely get rid of the eye bags.

Natural methods to remove dark circles:
1. Have enough sleep

Number one cause of the look of the dark circles, especially among teenagers and young people is the lack of sufficient sleep. It is often scientifically proven.

Usually teens study during night, are stressed due to school, or just party an excessive amount of. The others are just having issues with insomnia plus the mornings they need to wake up early to perform their daily tasks. More sleep increases circulation and ensures you chill out which will help you removing the dark circles.

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2. Apply honey

It is well known that honey has special medicinal properties. It is rather popular as a facial mask along with a substance that reduces inflammation, however it can also remove the dark circles under your eyes. Everything you should do is to apply some honey near the eyes and go to sleep or take a nap. After that, your eyes will be much better, fresher and much younger.
3. Use lemon

The lemon is an additional remedy that can be of usage when we talk about our beauty. For that eye bags you may need lemon juice, so squeeze a lemon and put it on with cotton pads for the affected place. Avoid close contact with your vision. Lemon has properties that will make the skin brighter, to ensure with repetitive freshly squeezed lemon juice treatment you can completely solve the challenge. The treatment should last for 15 minutes maximum, from then on wash your face with cold water. It is a very refreshing treatment and could be repeated twice a day, inside the mornings and before going to bed.
4. Cucumber

This is one of the most popular tricks for eye bags, which became very efficient and reliable. I bet your moms and grandmas have used it before. Simply cut two rings of cucumber make them in the refrigerator. Then, apply them on your own eyes and rest for 10 minutes. The difference will be visible immediately. Up your eyes will look less puffy and sore. The rings must be slightly thicker and the procedure can be repeated often a day.
5. Slices of raw potato and potato extract also reduces under eye circles

This is very similar procedure like with the cucumber. The only difference is that for potato slices you don't need to cut very thick peaces, but thinner.

Yet another way is applying potatoes to reduce bloated eyes and darker complexion. Thus peel a potato and squeeze the juice out of it. Then soak cotton balls within the juice and put them inside the fridge to get cooler before you apply them on your own eyes. Keep the cotton balls on the eyes around 10 mins and after that wash the face.
6. Tea bags make miracles (black tea bags)

Everything you should do is to insert them in the fridge until they get cold. Apply them on your eyes and leave them for 10 mins. After this treatment you may feel calmer at the same time. This treatment reduces swelling and inflammation in the eyes.
7. Cold metal spoons

This method might sound very strange for you, but actually works very well. Again the freezer method, just stick them for some time. Just make sure they're cold enough and apply them on to your eyes until they warm up. It works pretty well.
8. Use almond oil to reduce eye bags

Almond oil can be purchased in almost any drugstore as well as price is quite affordable. It is simply necessary to apply a greater volume of almond oil under the eyes before going to bed and leave it overnight.

The following morning, wash that person normally with a soap or facial cleaner.

It is possible to repeat this process as often as you think it is necessary.

Absolutely prevent eyes bags, note the subsequent:
* Do not rub your vision
* Drink plenty of water
* Ladies, be sure you clean up all the makeup before sleeping
* If your eyes look swollen don't apply mascara on the lower eyelids
* Reduce salt intake
* Consume a balanced diet - appropriate food choices regime
* Especially, sleep well every day, no less than 8 h

Note: A person's eye bags can also be a indication of kidney disease or allergies. Monitor them if you often feel tired or sick, consult your doctor.